Preserving our heritage and links to the past:

1800’s church revitalized with new roof, rebuilt foundation and new structural floor framing.

story31Little Bethel Historical Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to the restoration of the African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church building on 3rd Street in Stroudsburg, PA. The organization’s mission is to establish and maintain the structure as a viable physical and historical facility, serving the community as a historical site and museum.     (credit: Little Bethel Historical Association)

The structure was originally constructed in 1868 and while serving the community for many years ultimately fell into disrepair due to age and years of mother’s nature work on the structure.


The church is a solid brick structure made of locally manufactured Salmon Brick.  The walls are 4 courses deep.  The foundation is stone, and brick which had decayed over time, the roof slate leaked causing structural issues in the attic and a decaying foundation and moisture lead to insect damage and further decay with the floor system.

The association provided funding and in coordination with Richard Pierce a work plan was developed.  RPBI excavated the foundation and performed repairs to the foundation walls.  The exterior foundation walls were sealed and ventilation was installed.  New rim joists and a new floor system were installed and then insulated.


With the building back on strong legs the roof system was repaired including new rafter ends as necessary.  The roof structure was further reinforced by installing strong backs, collar ties and vertical uprights.  On the building exterior missing brick and crown molding were replaced at the roof line and new soffit and fascia were installed where missing.

Today the church stands proudly on its sturdy foundation.  More renovations may be planned for the future and hopefully RPBI will be able to continue its tradition of preserving historically important structures.